Angela 2pm-10pm

Mix Korean&japanese, slim, tall, Gorgeous & elegant 日韩混血


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  1. Kwaka
    Kwaka says:

    Angela, Just Wow

    I cannot believe That I am taking the time to do this. But I cannot leave this unsaid as she is someone who deserves recognition (despite me wanting her all to myself). I researched this for WEEKS, thoroughly and nearly even backed out but boy am i glad that i didnt because Angela, is a truly special lady.

    I haven’t visited anyone/ a shop efore and boy were my nerves going to stop me today. I went and met the ladies of the shop at Burwood 8, then Angela comes in and has a genuine smile on her face. That’s it, this Is the only girl I want to see.

    She takes me upto the room and offered me a water, I declined (also mostly out of nerves). But I enter the room and shower and she makes a cheeky joke about how tall I am. After i finish showering, i come out amd there she is. WOW. She gives a cute giggle and says to “lay down my darling”, again with a cheeky smile. She heads to shower and i wait for her on the bed.

    When she comes back, i was so struck with how beautiful she is (to the point of making me hella nervous). She softly slinks into bed along side me, and what really surprised me about it was she wasn’t being a robot and just going through the motions but rather was very perceptive /incredibly human to me. She has THE SOFTEST skin I have ever felt, and is so delicate with her touch. Nothing like my ex wife.

    She is cheeky and funny with looks to boot (her photo doesn’t do her justice). I can hand on heart reccomend anyone to spend time with her and hope that she sticks around.

  2. South American romantic
    South American romantic says:

    Same with the above. Judt had Angela for an 1hr and she is a soft angel. She is pleasure and nice and committed to making myself feel comfortable. Boys be gentle and she don’t like rough and being disrespected.

    I am glad whrn I asked Angela to meet me second time she was humble enough to say hello again.


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